Using the TSIPP Workbench

While 3-D drawing on a computer may appear difficult, 2-D drawing is familiar to users of word processors. The GUI of the TSIPP Workbench presents three orthogonal 2-D views of the scene, together with additional views for defining colors, textures, motion and overall control.

When the program is initiated, the GUI appears as a set of frequently used controls with a "tabbed notebook" widget below it. The first page of the tabbed notebook displays the program icon and provides three buttons for information display. The "License" and "Warranty" buttons provide the information as required by the GPL license under which this software is distributed, and the "Environment" button displays a listing of the key standard global variables of the Tcl interpreter, often invaluable in diagnosing installation problems.

The next four pages of the tabbed notebook are used as follows:

The frequently used controls are: A separate Perspective view is created to display the rendered result. For each drawing, a "MultiView" widget, comprising three orthogonal views and a Motion View area is created. The Front, Plan and Side views show the image as if projected onto three orthogonal screens. Editing of the image can be carried out in whichever view is easiest. The Motion view allows the image to be defined differently for different frames, and controls the interpolation process. A MultiView will be created when: Internally, the TSIPP Workbench knows which MultiView you are editing at any one time, known as the "active MultiView". Whenever you click the mouse on a MultiView it becomes the active one, so you do not usually have to think which MultiView is active. Just perform an operation in any MultiView and it automatically becomes the active one. The title of each MultiView contains the name of the source file that was last loaded into it or saved from it. For the active MultiView, " - ACTIVE" is prepended to this title, so you can tell at a glance which one is active. The common areas of the GUI, such as the tabbed notebook pages and the Render button, will affect the active MultiView.