The TSIPPwb program is distributed with all binaries and may be executed after "unzipping" and "un-tarring" the release package. Suppose that it has been located at /home/abc/TSIPPwb1.6a, then execute /home/abc/TSIPPwb1.6a/tcl/TSIPPwb. You may wish to hit "Load" and select one of the examples in the examples directory; for example /home/abc/TSIPPwb1.6a/examples/workbench.tcl, which is the source file for the program icon.

To install the program, run the utility "INSTALL". This allows you to install either the TSIPPwb program and/or the binaries it requires, and to make the TSIPPwb program refer to those installed binaries, or any other binaries of your choice.

For more details, please refer to the README file.


Ideally, the "bin" directory containing the executable should be in your environment variable PATH. Then execute the following command. The TSIPPwb executable takes one optional parameter which is the name of an existing source file to load on startup, which must have extension ".tcl":
TSIPPwb [<filename>.tcl ...]
Note that as is traditional, the INSTALL script created a soft link without the version pointing to the installed version; i.e., TSIPPwb -> TSIPPwb1.6a.
If you wish to enter commands on a command-line to the TSIPPwb, a variant of the above command is available which performs the same way except that a command line will be provided:
It is not possible to supply any pathnames of source files to be loaded with this version. However, after loading the program files can be loaded from the Load/Save page.

See the README file for more details.